0800 195 3175

Why Choose Halton

Fostering with Halton Borough Council is a decision that will change your life and the lives of children and young people in our care. We offer a generous support package and a number of benefits to our Foster Carers. We look to recruit a huge range of Foster Carers from a variety of backgrounds, lifestyles and situations- this helps choose suitable homes for children and young people who may not have always experienced what you might consider a “normal” life.

Halton offer…

  • Generous, tax free weekly allowances
  • Extensive, continuous training
  • Membership to the Fostering Network
  • Experienced, local staff members
  • Equipment hire
  • Membership to Max Card discount scheme
  • Dedicated webpage and eNewsletter updates
  • Regular forums and meetings
  • Support Groups

Transfer to Halton…

Contact us for an informal discussion about transferring to Halton. Discover more local placements and get support when you need it. If you are currently fostering for an agency and thinking about transferring contact 0800 1953175 to arrange a meeting to discuss your options.

  • Contact us to arrange a meeting
  • We’ll aim to make the transfer process quick and straight forward
  • Transfer with or without children in placement