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When we talk to people about becoming foster carers, apart from some practical things like are you over 18 years old, in good health, and have a spare bedroom, what we really want to do is find out more about the person themselves and the life experience and positive attitude they could bring to the role.

People are often surprised to learn that skills they use every day without thinking are exactly what we look for in our carers. Things like:

LISTENING SKILLS: really hearing and understanding what children and adults are saying to you

OPTIMISM: looking on the bright side when times get tough

CONFIDENCE: being able handle difficult situations without feeling out of your depth

PATIENCE: persevering even when you don’t seem to be getting quick results

STABILITY: a welcoming home that could make children feel safe and secure

TEAM PLAYER: being able to share responsibility, work with others, and ask for help and support

OBSERVATIONAL SKILLS: seeing what is really going on beneath the surface

ENERGETIC: full of energy and life

COMMUNICATIONS SKILLS: get on well in groups and with children? Able to speak for others?

SENSE OF HUMOUR: seeing the funny side of life?


In Halton right now, we really need local people of all ages and backgrounds to come forward to become foster parents for Halton children. People who simply have life skills, like those above, who could care for a child or children who may be confused, frightened and wondering what the future holds.