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At their annual awards ceremony, Halton Borough Council’s Foster Carer’s were praised for years of service and contribution. Both new and long serving carers came together with their families for a fun filled celebration.

The event, hosted by Children’s Services at Halton stadium 7 July was well attended, families enjoyed a 3 course meal as well as family themed entertainment. During the course of the night long service awards were issued to Foster Carer’s for five, ten, fifteen and twenty years of service! Certificates, awards, vouchers and flowers were also presented to Foster Carers for a whole host of milestones- from completing their portfolio to retirement.

The Mayor and Mayoress of Halton Councillor Alan and Joan Lowe joined foster families and staff at the event, and were delighted to present carers

with their service awards. They spent the night enjoying the festivities and talked to young people and carers talking about their fostering experiences and challenges.

Halton’s Executive Board member for Children & Young People, Cllr Tom McInerney, said: “It’s wonderful to give thanks and recognise the work our Foster Carer’s do for vulnerable children in Halton. Our Foster Carer’s demonstrate incredible kindness and understanding each day, helping us keep siblings together, prepare teenagers for independence and accept placements at short notice. Halton’s Foster Carer’s provide children and young people a safe, stable home and the opportunity to grow, learn and succeed”.

Often people are surprised to learn that experience raising children and practical “life skills” can be a solid foundation when applying to foster- as full training is provided.

The Halton Fostering Service considers applicants who are over 21 and have a spare room, so if you’d like to find out more call: 0800 195 3175 or complete an online enquiry form.