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Chat to the fostering team and Foster Carers at our events this summer!

We’re pitching up at the events below, with members of the fostering team and some of our Foster Carers to meet people from Halton who would make great Foster Carers! We are happy to answer questions and provide information if for people considering becoming a Foster Carer for Halton Borough Council.

Event Name Day Date Time Location
Phoenix Park Experience Friday 04- Aug 11:00-15:00 Phoenix Park
Beach Party Wednesday 09-Aug 11:00-14:00 Windmill Hill Children’s Centre
Beach Party Thursday 17-Aug 11:00-14:00 Brookvale Children’s Centre

In addition to the events above we will be sending our friend “The Walking Billboard” to The Summer Fete in Runcorn 29 July and the North West Vintage Rally in Widnes 23, 24 August. The Walking Billboard does what it says on the tin- he takes our billboard and flyers to events and chats with people about becoming a Foster Carer!

If you can’t wait or are unable to attend one of our summer events why not complete an enquiry form, give us a call 0800 195 31 75 or join us at on of our Drop In Events later on in the year.

Do you know about a local event  that isn’t listed above that we can attend to recruit new Foster Carers? Contact anne.taylor@halton.gov.uk