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Did you know we have a Children in Care Council?

Halton Borough Council pledge to all Halton children in care and care leavers a promise to help.

The Pledge

  1. We will help you and stick by you.
  2. We will love and care for you as we would our own children.
  3. We promise to keep you safe and make sure you live in a safe place.
  4. We will support you to see appropriate family and friends. If you can’t see them we will explain the reasons why.
  5. We will help you to keep in touch with old friends and make new friends.
  6. We will give you pocket money and explain pocket money arrangements to you at the start of your placement.
  7. We will help you achieve in school and try new activities.
  8. We will look after your health.
  9. We will keep your information private.
  10. We will help you to speak up.
  11. We will give you time and space to express your feelings and give you opportunities to influence decisions about your future.
  12. We will support you when you move on to adult life.


Visit the Children in Care Council website here.